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#1 Note specifying the main area of your charitable/religious activities

(i) To design, construct, establish, run and maintain educational schools in various districts in India for general public utility with special focus on the rural districts of India.

(ii) To apply the Trust Fund or any part thereof for the general purposes of designing, constructing, establishing, running and maintaining of schools and in payment of all rents, rates, taxes, cost of insurance, repairs and other outgoings payable from time to time in respect of the schools or any property on which schools are constructed.

(iii) To carry on the activity of design, construction and running of all kinds of hospitals, dispensaries, clinics, laboratories and health clubs for General Public utility.

(iv) To provide assistance by way of cash or otherwise to physically handicapped.

(v) To establish, maintain or grant aid to homes for the aged, orphanages or other establishments for the relief and help to the poor, needy and destitute people, orphans, widows and aged persons.

(vi) To arrange training camps and workshops by famous ARTISTS and EXPERTS involved in the respective forms of performing Arts to create interest and motivate the younger generation.

(vii) To provide financial assistance to the needy and meritorious.

#2. Projection/ plan for the main charitable/ religious activities to be undertaken in the next two years

Amid the current on-going pandemic situation, as a first step towards the charitable activity, we plan to provide basic sanitization materials like Sanitizers and face masks in the rural areas to financially weak families who are unable to afford these materials.

In the act of furtherance to the government of India directives, we also plan to spread awareness to the socially and financially backward class of people about the basic care to be taken during this on going pandemic like social distancing etc.

Education is a basic necessity which every kid should be provided. We have also planned to open evening schools (in a limited scale) for aspirant and bright students who are unable to afford basic education. We also plan to nurture their skills in other areas as well which would unable them to earn basic livelihood for their families thereby promoting the ATMANAIRBHAR BHARAT initiative taken by the Government of India.

Shall the need arise, we will also provide cash assistance to the financially backward class who have lost their jobs during this ongoing pandemic.